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Frequently asked questions

In Innathanak.lk users can advertise their rent rooms, houses, apartments or even users can advertise their properties which is up for sale too.

First you need to create an account by registering and then using the Create Listing you can put your advertisement. You can put a eye catching tittle, photos, contact details and many more details about the advertisement. After creating the Advertisement our admin team will review the advertisement and make it publish.


Go to Your profile (Right side corner) and from the menu select Properties > then select Actions which will lead you to the options of Edit, Delete, Duplicate, Put on hold or even you can apply your ad to be Featured ad on Innathanak.lk

After reviewing the advertisement and when Innathanak.lk team received the confirmation of the payment, Advertisement will be published within less than 2 hours.

You can send an inquiry or a direct message about the advertisement directly to the advertised party or you can contact them easily if they advertise their contact details on the advertisement details.

There are 3 Different Packages, BASIC Package- From one account can post maximum 10 Advertisements free for whole 1 year of period but it doesn’t have any featured ad’s. It’s 100% Free 2-PLUS Package- For 1 month it gives you 2 featured Advertisements and can 3-

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